SEBDA : News : University of Surrey Research Project - Looking to Recruit Girls Aged 10 and their parents

University of Surrey Research Project - Looking to Recruit Girls Aged 10 and their parents

SEBDA is supporting an important research project that is looking to recruit girls aged 10 and their parents with a focus on emotional competence during the transition from primary to secondary school. This project will be conducted at the University of Surrey.Systemic transitions across schools create stress for children, and their caregivers as well! The transition from primary to secondary school at age 11 is particularly challenging, as it coincides with the onset of puberty, which brings on a range of physical, hormonal and social changes for the individual. Importantly, research has shown that all these changes increase the vulnerability to psychological problems, with the most common problem being anxiety, which affects up to 1 in 4 children. Children with anxiety experience intense fears and worries, leading to problems with friendships, poor school performance, and long-term mental health difficulties. This research hopes to find some ways of making the transition easier for the children, their parents, and their teachers. If your child and you are interested in participating, do get in touch with research leader Dr Kathrin Cohen Kadosh via email ( or phone (01483 68 3968) to go over the specifics of participating in this project and to arrange a testing appointment.

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