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National Council

The SEBDA National Council consists of representatives from SEBDA membership nationally and is responsible for ensuring that the Association 

  • is representative of its members.
  • pursues its agreed aims. 
  • builds an effective organisation.
  • identifies and disseminates good practice. 
  • provides relevant training and materials.


Click on the links below to find out more about our National Council members.

 Bob Law  Chair of SEBDA, Chair of Trustees, Finance and Business Team
Dr Rob Long Professional Development Team, Joint Lead
 Pam Jones, OBE  Treasurer of SEBDA, Finance Team Lead
 Les Sage  Hon Gen Sec of SEBDA, Trustee, Research and Conference Team
 Joan Pritchard  President of SEBDA, Trustee, Campaign and Policy Team
 Amanda Barrie  Professional Development Team, Joint Lead
 Nikki Clark  Finance and Business Team
 Paul Emmerson  Professional Development Team
 Kathy Evans  Professional Development Team
 Dominic Gunn  Campaign and Policy Team 
 Liz Key  Campaign and Policy Team 
 Brendan Loughnane  Finance and Business Team
 Helen Millar  Professional Development Team
 Steve Russell  Professional Development Team
 Sue Salisbury  Professional Development Team
 Chloe Stanton  Campaign and Policy Team 
 Judith Stott  Finance and Business Team, Trustee
 Juliet Taylor  Professional Development Team
 Marguerite Watt  Business Team Lead, Programme Manager for SEBDA/Brookes PG Certs in SEMH  

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