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Nikki Clark

My training was initially in nursery, infant and junior education and has followed 2 distinct and very contrasting phases. My first position was in a primary school where I remained for 8 years.

My career changed course when I moved into the sphere of special education working in a Community Home with Education (CHE) which also had a remand facility.  This period was followed by a Headship of a PRU and latterly, before my retirement, the Deputy Headship of a special school for students with SEMH difficulties.

I have always felt it a privilege to work with students with complex difficulties, and never tired of ensuring that the educational environment in which I worked, did everything it could to enrich the lives of its students and open doors of opportunity for them. 

I have been a member of SEBDA for 30 years and I have witnessed the Association’s ability to influence educational thinking. Its ever rising profile has put SEBDA at the forefront of educational issues, establishing it as an organisation which is highly regarded.Its diverse membership adds to its ability to have a voice to be heard.

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