SEBDA : News : Book Review - Validity in Educational and Psychological Assessment

Book Review - Validity in Educational and Psychological Assessment

By. Paul E. Newton and Stuart D. Shaw Cambridge Assessment, 2014, 253 ISBN 978-1-4462-5323-6 This book aims to provide an understanding of the concept and measurement of validity in educational testing and how current approaches to test validity have been shaped over the decades by various psychological disciplines to evolve to what we understand of validity in the present day. As the authors state, the book is not ‘a how to’ guide but rather a ‘how to understand’ guide to validity and validation. Educational researchers and practitioners interested in validity or developing tests may appreciate the information provided by this book. The book could also serve as a supplement in graduate or advanced undergraduate courses on test validity, psychometrics and assessment taught in the fields of psychology and education. The book does require some prior knowledge into the background of measurement and methodology.

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